12.05.2013 – i got to meet RICHARD BRANSON!!

heyy my blessed followers!

i had an INCREDIBLE WEEKEND last week! i was at the National Achievers Congress 2013 and the Main keynote speaker was none other than SIR richard branson – founder of VIRGIN group.

well. let me tell you guys the story first. i first attended this conference last year in 2012. back last year we actually had Robert Kiyosaki in singapore. I was practically a virgin in the business world then. 😛

i sat doe eyed. just listening. i sat down listened to the speakers and took down notes furiously. i clung on to every word they said with a genuine thirst for knowledge! i for one knew that i wanted to be like them one day! I dreamed that one day i would stand in front of thousands and teach others to achieve fulfillment in their lives. well. i was 19. and my bank account said ZILCH! hahaha. call me crazy. back last year. i really couldn’t disagree.

fast forward 1 year. man. i wouldn’t believe what i did if you told me all this last year. i stepped into NAC 2013 with such a sense of gratefulness. last year i sat somewhere farr behind scribbling notes. this year i got myself VIP tickets and i sat right there in the front rows with all the other very important people. praise god for the goodness he has showered upon me.

well last year i went in with an empty mind ready to learn and it was my best decision ever. i paid attention to everything the speakers said. i clung on to a few gems. and really used it to catapult my business success to a whole different level.

i met some friends who were there with me last year. n they were at the exact same position they were last year. well. thats just it. some people come in and sit down thinking they know it all. so they sit in cross handed and with a lot of skepticism. they didnt take action. and WALA! nothing has changed.

I was eager to learn. i was thirsty for knowledge. i was HUNGRY! i reallyy wanted it badly. i REALLY wanted that success which those guys were talking about!!! i listened. started my internet business and went into many different endeavors. since then i never looked back.

well LESSON NUMBER ONE! everyday from today i will pray to god for naivety. i pray to god to keep me NAIVE!

1) i never want to be like those seasoned fools who think they’ve heard it all and tried it all. i pray that i always listen with an open heart and that i will always keep learning.

2) i DON’T WANT TO KNOW what CANNOT be done! this is to my haters out there. dont you dare tell me whats impossible. cos i really don’t wanna know whats impossible.

3) i DONT know what i DONT know. 🙂

May the Dear Lord always keep me naive.

thats the lesson for me and for everybody reading this post.

here are some pictures of the life changing event i attended. if you do wanna attend these events with me please do contact me. reshveen rajendran on FB.

god bless you richly,



I’ll be going to attend the LES BROWN EXPERIENCE in JUNE!!! do check out his videos on youtube. so INSPIRATIONAL. my hero whom i reallly respect!

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