3 biggest Takeaways from NAC 2016


I just attended National Achievers Congress 2016 this past weekend (21 – 22 May). Its an event I’ve been attending for the last 4 years.


It’s a congress which invites some of the world’s best speakers to share their message and life lessons. Some of the speakers I have listened to personally include Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic amongst many others. I always take away some awesome golden nuggets each year and I just wanted to share some of them with you here in this post.


1) My first lesson from NAC started the day before I attended NAC. One of my friends lamented. “Bro, you go to the event every year and hear the same things over and over again. Aren’t you sick of it already?”

My answer was very simple. The four most dangerous words an adult uses is this. “I know this already” It cripples them. When you have an attitude of ‘I know it all’ its very hard to be receptive and learn new things. It sometimes may be the same message but there always might be one or two things which we always will learn.
Whenever I attend such events I go in with the mindset to take away one lesson or to meet ONE person who might change my whole life. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but very often it does. I’ve met plenty of business partners and even my own mentors from this event.


2) My second lesson is this. Never stop networking. If you’re in sales or in business you never want to stop expanding your circle or your network. Understand this. Your income is in direct proportion to the number of people you can serve. You always want to build new relationships so that you can make connections and serve people on a much larger scale. If you’re not networking, you’re not working. And that doesn’t mean going around shoving name cards down people’s throats. It’s genuinely meeting and talking to new people.


3) Here’s my third and final lesson. This was something I knew already but I heard it in a way I’ve never heard before! That’s exactly what I meant in my first point. So I heard this from Kevin Green who was a speaker an expert in properties and wealth creation.


In Asia we’re taught to save. That’s well and good. We’re taught to save our way to wealth. So typically as Asians we scrimp on every dollar and try save as much as we can. Nothing wrong with that. But that’s exactly what keeps us middle class. The middle class try to save their way to wealth whereas the rich EARN their way to wealth.


They understand that money has power. And money can really be used to generate a lot more money. The rich use money to leverage and build a team whereas the middle class try to save their money and do things by themselves. The rich use their money to first and foremost invest in themselves which will make them an infinite ROI in terms of skills and knowledge. When the rich look at money, they see Return On Investment (ROI). They utilize it in areas which will generate the most bang for buck whereas the middle class guy is stuck thinking how he can save more money.


That lesson was a WOW to me. It was crazy awesome.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my 3 lessons. Its just a bite size of so many other things I learned this past weekend.



God bless,

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