3 months review of Shun Jians bootcamp

3 months review of Shun Jian’s Affiliate Superstar Bootcamp!


I hope you read my 3 month review of Fabian Lim’s ASEO course in my previous post. If you haven’t, please read it here as I will be making many references to it.


So in essence the gist of it is this. Doing something you’re passionate about gives you stamina. Otherwise you just won’t last.


My results from Shun jian’s class was pretty good because that’s exactly what I did. I worked on my fitness niche. This is something which I am truly passionate about.


He teaches two things mainly. List building and Email marketing. He teaches you how to build a list from ground up and then he teaches you how to structure and write money making emails.


To be very honest with you. I did not follow the exact strategy he taught. I used one or two techniques to really fire up my business. First of all, I already had a fitness list. I have people who subscribe to my fitness newsletters. I send them weekly tips on my diet and specific training which I do myself.


This list is a warm list (comprises of people who know me or have seen my posts on social media). I learned how to properly structure my emails and to add value to my list.


I sold an online training and diet program supplemented with offline food and nutrition which I supplied to them. It worked really well. I’ve been making over a 1000USD in net profit monthly on a part time basis.


Pretty cool stuff. But let me be real honest and share the downside with you guys.

I have an unfair advantage! I already have a list and I worked with a skill which I’m already a ‘subject matter expert’ in.


I have yet to even spend money on ads to build my list yet. If you follow the traditional method which he will teach you. There definitely will be a need for an initial investment into the business itself. You wanna grow the business, you got to get people to see it.


Another ‘downside’ is that.. It really isn’t ‘passive’. Its an active stream of income. You will definitely need to spend time strategizing and crafting posts and emails. Its constant work. Yes it may not be as long as your full time job but it really requires dedication. As a guide he’ll recommend that you send an email every single day.


Sure you can schedule 5 emails in one day. But it takes effort to write and craft posts. This post took me 2 days. -.- It can be energy sapping. It really helps if you’re genuinely writing about something which you’re passionate about.


Overall it really works but just as with anything else in life the ones who succeed are the ones to have the most stamina.


He’s conducting another preview very soon. You can register on this link right here. I highly recommend it. You definitely will learn something new and you’ll stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!


Do go and learn from him. Class sizes are relatively small and technical support his team gives is pretty darn awesome.



God bless,


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