3 Steps to finding your life purpose!

How do you find your life purpose?

I don’t know what to do with my life?? I don’t know what awaits me after I finish school. I literally have no idea at all. This is something I hear this all the time from friends who are my age in university. Well it’s not a problem for just the twenty somethings. I’ve had conversations with people twice my age telling me they haven’t found their life purpose as well.

Well I am really blessed. I’m really blessed because I found what I absolutely loved doing at the age of 19 and it pays me really well too. They say there are two of the best days in your life. First being the day you were born. Second being the day you find out why.

Life’s circumstances made me rethink the way I lived my life at a very young age. If you have yet to read my story you can read it here. When your life flashes past your eyes I guess you’d think very differently too.

However I’m not saying its necessary for anybody reading this to have a life threatening incident in their lives. It was the actions I took after the incident which helped me find my own life purpose. I just want to share them with you in this article.
1) Open your mind.

I’m sure you would have heard the quotation. “Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.” I personally believe its very unhealthy to be highly skeptical. Although a degree of skepticism is definitely necessary its very important to have an open mind when you listen to opportunities and perspectives from different people.

I first attended the National Achievers Congress in 2012. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of rich dad poor dad was the keynote speaker along with a host of other top notch trainers. I was starting off fresh and with a very open mind. I literally lapped up the information like an over eager puppy. When I listened to all the various ways in which entrepreneurs made huge incomes I was mind blown. That event was the one single congress I would point out which first propelled me to discover what opportunities lay out there in the world and which eventually led me to my life’s purpose.


2) Talk to people.

This might seem like a point that is really obvious. However, I just cannot stress how important this is. There is only so much we know ourselves. When we talk and interact with other people we learn so much more about a whole range of topics.

Let me give you an example. When I first attended the National Achievers Congress in 2012 I was not only eager to learn from the speakers. I was very keen on learning from the people in the audience as well. I was speaking to this elderly gentleman. He happened to have a PHD in accounting. He was also an investment analyst for many different MNCs. He had a wealth of knowledge and I spent hours trying to pick his brains. He happened to really like me and following the congress he taught me the ropes of investing. I learned so much from him. To this day we remain friends.

In addition to this point, talk to people of all ages. If you’re a student reading this learn to interact with people who are a generation older. If you’re older talk to youths and understand their perspectives and what they like.

If you’re in the IT sector talk to people from different industries. Don’t just speak to people from IT. Talk to people from the different departments in your own company.

I cannot stress how many opportunities for business and investments I have come across just by interacting with males and FEMALES of different ages. My students would know that I have a keen interest in female fashion apparel. I happen to love to talk to ladies about their bags and fashion trends. Well these interactions have made me profits through the stock market for instance.

3) Break the norm!

Well I’m referring to the daily grind most employees go through. It will be no surprise that your mind just cannot produce creative juices if you do the same damn thing every single day. If you do the same thing every day which includes waking up getting to work doing the same thing everyday, clocking off getting home and waiting for the weekends. Then it is seriously time to STOP and reflect.

A very close millionaire friend of mine who is only in his mid twenties just shared with me how he does something totally out of his comfort zone every month. Last month he decided to join a Buddhist meditation group. This month he adopted a venomous pet snake for a month. He had to feed it live meat every week.

It sounds really crazy. However these actions he undertakes every month makes him think differently and he sees the many different perspectives in life.


Through these 3 specific steps you can immediately take, you might be one step closer to finding your own life purpose. Go now and create that life of your dreams!

God bless,

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