A Selfless Giver!

I’m writing this while reflecting how much I have grown after meeting Resh.

He is my trainer for an investing course. As a trainer, he is ,in my opinion, a really great one! He is able to make whatever we are learning easy and most importantly, fun (Despite it beingĀ  a dry topic.)However, what he had taught and given to me are more than just investment knowledge!
I would never expect myself to practice “emotionless investing” and Resh made it happen!

Being a approachable and patient person, Resh has been selflessly imparting all his knowledge to ANYONE who is willing to ask. Not only will he provide you with the answer to your question, he would go the extra mile of imparting more knowledge while answering the question!

I would say that Resh is one of the most sincere person I have ever met! One of the those just keep on giving without expecting anything in return!
Resh have what it takes to become a great/legendary coach/mentor!
Once again, Resh,I thank you for all your help and all the positive changes you make to my life!
Soon Heng
Snr Recruitment Consultant

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