Today was a BAD day. I came back from work FUMING mad! I was so angry and agitated at my boss at work I couldn’t hold the anger in me. I STORMED back home ready to write a letter of redress against this boss. I was so angry I couldn’t hold back the expletives I was hurling at my boss. (sorry but I’m really not perfect)

As I was raging into my room my mummy stopped me and asked “son, what happened?” I then blurted out the whole story to my mum.  On and on I went venting all my anger. My mum then said “STOP!!!” My cute mother then scuttles off to her room and takes out her bible. She then proclaims “God has an answer! Whenever I have a problem, I will read the bible and god will answer!”

At this point I’m so pissed off I really couldn’t bother anymore. Half an hour later my mum scuttles back to my room and loudly proclaims “YOU SEEEE SON! GOD HAS ANSWERED!!!” I was like “aiyooooo. Not again!!!” =.=  she then made me read the ENTIRE passage out loud. I have no idea what that verse was and all I remember was that it had NO relation whatsoever to my problem! And while I was reading she kept saying “there! There!!!” Can you imagine??!!!

Then suddenly she stops and says “We need to pray!”  You will not believe what she said next! It went something like this. “Dear Jesus, bless my son’s boss abundantly. I pray that you bless her with all the favors from heaven. May she be blessed from the crown of her head to the soul of her feet!” my goodness! I nearly strangled my mother! I was like “WRONGGG PRAYER LA MAAAA!!!!!!” I wanted to curse my boss to the pits of hell.

Then suddenly, a realization dawned on me. I was just awestruck at this sudden revelation. I suddenly realized “Why should I cast my enemies with stones?!” My God is a God of Love! I was never taught to despise or put down anybody. If I wanted to be a reflection of God’s love I had to practice it MYSELF!

my gosh! Do you guys really know how powerful this is? Our emotions do get ahead of us sometimes but when we actually practice blessing the people who cause us misery the universe just somehow responds differently. Your situation turns around drastically. You will feel light hearted and free and not bogged down with anger and somehow the environment and the person changes!! Its just so brilliant!

BUT, I KNOW trust me I do KNOW that it is really hard to practice. But when we do practice it consciously and CONSISTENTLY with well meaning to the point that it becomes subconscious you will transcend yourself to a whole new level.

In closing I just want to say that I really love you mum. You really somehow through your funny ways show me the lighthouse and help me to calm the rough seas. To my dear friends and readers, always remember.
“Bless your enemy as you would your best friend!”


God bless,

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