A very sad conversation…

Re: A very sad yet enlightening convo with a friend


A really good friend of mine gave me a ring earlier today. I was so happy to speak to him and we were just sharing each others successes. As I shared about my recent successes and my international exposures my friend was genuinely very happy for me.


However his voice had a deep rooted sadness to it.


He then confided “Resh how do you do it?? How do you go out there and create something of your own. I know I have it in me. But I don’t know what’s holding me back. Maybe I’m scared I won’t have enough clients. Maybe I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it. You’re out there doing these amazing things and I’m here.. a salaried employee”


I was seriously ready to unleash that motivational SUPERESH pep talk.


But then I realised. His fear wasn’t unfounded. It was VERY real. He was a dad with two young pre school kids. Taking risks n starting something new with the possibility of not having income to feed his kids was something very REAL!

Perhaps he simply couldn’t afford to take the risks. I’m not talking just monetary. It’s a lot of time vested as well.


I was in a very different situation when I started. I had little to no obligations or people to answer to other than myself.

Thank god. When I was 19 starting out my businesses I truly understood how precious my youth was.

This might sound weird.. but When I started out from my NS days I literally visualised a ticking time bomb in my head!

I made FULL use of my time. I knew that I didn’t have time to waste. I saved, invested, took calculated risks.

I knew that when the time came when I suddenly found myself with mortgage payments and a baby in tow it would be extremely difficult for me to live my dreams.



So this message is really to the 20 somethings. I personally didn’t bother getting a graduation cap. To me it was TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

If you’re reading this. Whatever it is that you want to do. Don’t wait already. You might just look back one day. N think. Man I WISH I did it when I was younger.

I dunno about you but im Never ever gonna let that happen to me.

[Feel free to share this post if it resonates with you. I want this to reach as many young people as possible]

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