Biting the Dust

2018 has been an exceptionally difficult start of the year for me.


I got my knee completely shattered in a freak skiing accident in Japan. My ACL PCL and MCL are all completely or partially torn.

I’ve been moving around on a wheelchair and really just trying to walk again.


Then the start of February comes around and a serious market crash happens.

I have a six figure sum in paper losses in my current stock portfolio after that crash.

Its almost like the forces of nature are all coming together to test and wipe me out.

You sure you got this Resh?

They say.. When you think that things are bad they only get worse.


Oh boy am I sure experiencing it now..


Lets just say it’s been a character building year.


I’ve learned some solid lessons and I really want to share them with myself. Maybe you’ll benefit from this too.


When I got my knee smashed in Japan, I was rushed to the hospital in Japan. They got me an XRAY and gave me a simple knee guard. That’s it. The bill came up to $700. ($%#@ JAPAN)

I got home to Singapore. My mum sent me straight to the hospital to see a private doctor. I get admitted for one night in a 4 bedder and got my MRI done.


When I was discharged the bill for ONE night came up to nearly $4000.


While in the hospital the doctor came up to me and said that I would need a Knee reconstruction surgery. Then he dropped the bomb.

The knee reconstruction surgery costs $25 000. I had no idea. ADD THAT SHIT UP MAN. I’m not even counting the 3x weekly physio sessions that I have to go for so I can recover. It is $140 per visit. That can be A LOT of money to some people. ONE medical crisis, ONE accident can wipe out a person’s entire life savings.

Do you realize how important insurance is? If you do want to go down a path of building your wealth, its damn bloody wise to START by protecting it first! One fell swoop and everything can go down the drain.

Thankfully I am covered. But then again everything has to be paid in full first out of my own pocket! I have no idea how long it will take to reimburse everything or if everything will be covered or not. I’m having one of my friends who is the BEST in the industry to review everything for me. If you really want somebody you can TRUST to provide the best for you. Do drop me a message. I will refer you to my personal agent.

It really is cheaper to buy 10 years too early than 1 minute too late.


Now..  On to the financial markets..


Something on the whole first. IF you believe and are counting on the stock market to be your ONE ticket to achieving financial independence. You’re going to be sorely disappointed.
My mentor once told me that you must have MULTIPLE streams of income. To add to that you should have multiple streams of PASSIVE income.

Why multiple? Simple. Things like the 10% correction happened and I saw some people have their entire portfolios wiped out. Their ‘financial freedom’ wiped out. It isn’t even funny. This can apply across ALL industries. An earthquake happens and your properties get wiped out. Facebook decides to shut down your page and your entire social media following gets wiped out. Google decides to change an algorithm and your entire SEO efforts and business gets wiped out. SHIT HAPPENS!!!


You cannot just depend on one source of income. Build a FORTRESS!!! This is what I’ve been striving to do since Day 1. This is the reason why I diversify my assets across different streams. I aim to build my income and invest my money in different asset classes. One mistake that I’ve made would be that more than 60% of my portfolio was channeled toward the stock market. So when a crash happened it hit me pretty hard.


Why passive?

You really don’t want to have to worry about income or money when a health issue arises with you or a loved one. It’s the last thing you EVER want to worry about! Ideally you want to have income coming in whether you’re working or not.
This is the reason why you want to build multiple streams of passive income!


My third and Final piece of advice.. Cash is really KING. A few months ago I showed my mother my investment profits on my account. She is a non investor who doesn’t do any investing.

She looked at it rather unimpressed and said “Reshveen, this is just computer money to me. where is the real cash?”

I laughed so hard.

But now I realized that it is so true. Mother’s advice is golden eh.


Lets just say you are able to generate profits of 2 – 3k USD a month with your portfolio size.


Why not withdraw a portion of your profits as CASH every quarter or so?

USE that cash to pay your bills or sponsor a holiday for your family or to donate to a charity! Use it for something that brings you joy and makes your soul feel good.

Right now, personally I see no point in accumulating my ‘computer money’ to millions. Whats the point really?

This quote really sunk in me over the last week.

‘The soul grows by giving not accumulating’

Withdraw your profits as CASH! You only can use your actual cash. Not your Thinkorswim ‘computer money’.

That’s a wrap up of my biggest learning lessons and how I’m going to change up MY game. I really hope you find this useful.

Let me know in the comments on what you’re gonna apply in your own life.

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