Hello my dear readers,

Well last week something happened which really pissed me off so bad. I really wanted to share with you guys what happened.

It started off as a conversation with a long lost friend, Alice. Let me give you an introduction bout this particular friend of mine. Alice is an extremely talented person. Not only is she an excellent student with A*s in almost every subject she excels in many other areas as well. Esp in the performing arts. Truly a really well rounded person who has achieved so much! I really have so much respect for her as a person.

so we were catching up and I happened to ask what she was doing at the moment. To my surprise I found out that she was working at a restaurant for measly wages. Feeling slightly appalled I asked “you have so much talent. Why don’t you go use your skills and make some really decent money with what you can do”. I honestly know in my heart of hearts that Alice had so much to show the world. I couldn’t believe all that talent was being suppressed in a restaurant where she worked for minimum wage.

To which She replied “thank you resh you’re really sweet but I couldn’t possibly do that”. I was shocked so I asked “WHY?!?!” she then said “you can’t possibly understand. There are people who are soooo much better than me out there. I really am nothing compared to them. Honestly speaking I know im not good enough”.

And that my friends, got RESH realllyyyy furious! I am honestly sick and tired of seeing people stop themselves from achieving greatness. They blame the world around them saying things like .. “others are so much better. He was born into a better family. He’s just BORN with talent.” N I’ve heard ENOUGH of all that bullshit. What they don’t realize is that the biggest obstacle to their success is in fact the shit they tell themselves!

Let me continue with the story. Her finishing line which I will never ever forget was
“I know enough about the world to know that im not good enough.” You know.. that honestly rattled me. I thought for a while deeply and I replied “well from the bottom of my heart I still think you’re one of the most talented people I know”. In my mind I wondered if she ever tried going out there to do the things she loves to do and make some decent money. I highly doubt so.

Well I don’t blame her. She is merely a by product of our education system. A classic example of what our highly competitive education system “shits out”. We fight n fight to achieve the best possible grades to top the class to top the cohort. We want to meet our parents expectations. Our teachers expectations. Ohh and what our friends expect of us. In the process we forget who we are.

Well that example of Alice really angered me. But I was really sad as well. It really saddens me to see how she and so many others stop themselves from achieving what they can cos they just tell themselves that they’re not good enough. Straight A* students settling for min wage huh? Well I guess that’s why Robert kiyosaki wrote the book “Why ‘A’ students work for ‘C’ students”. Makes sense to me now.
here is what I think! It really baffles me when ppl tell me they’re not good enough. I Forgot the number of times ppl have told me that ‘I’m not strong enough to be in the national team’, ‘I’m not old enough to do business’, ‘I’m not smart enough to get straight As.’ ‘I’m not good enough to get paid’. Well dont mind my french. But screw that. I never settle for mediocrity. Period.

I don’t give a rats ass if there are so many people out there who are better than me. REALITY CHECK! There will ALWAYS be someone better than you out there!! Just go out n let your own light shine. I will never compare myself to others. I just will continuously strive to be a better me.

Trust me. You will be amazed when you go out and actually try. The responses you receive when you do the things you love in public will astound you. Its happened to me personally.

its time to step out of the shadows. Let your own light shine and inspire millions.


God bless,


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