Exclusive interview with Jeremy Tan founder of the HeartThrob Project

HELLO my dear friends!!

this was an interview i did with Jeremy Tan a friend of mine in junior college and the founder of the HeartThrob Project.

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1. What did/does weight lifting mean to you, and what are the greatest achievements/accolades that you have ammassed over years of practice.

weightlifting means everything to me.it was more than just a sport to me. the gym essentially was a place where i honed my skills and watched myself grow. as i practised more and more i grew better at my skill. i grew stronger. i grew bigger. i saw changes in myself that made me feel better about myself. most importantly the gym was when i first learned discipline ever since i was 14 YO. the gym has made me a better student. it has helped me loads in my studies. it has made me a better businessman and a better investor.
when i was able to compete for my nation that was the best feeling ever. it was a dream come true.

accolades – competed in my first ever competition at the Youth WORLD championships in chiangmai
commonwealth junior champs
asian junior championships
1st place in singapore open 2011. (under 69)

ut honestly my greatest achievement is when my friends come to now and tell me that the way they train and have grown in the gym is because of me.
that is the GREATEST best satisfaction ever. when my friends appreciate me for imparting my knowledge in weights and when i personally trained them.

2. When you left for UK, how were your perceptions or personal beliefs influenced by your experiences in a foreign country and culture?

my personal set of beliefs were always in tact. personally i believe that my parents have always instilled discipline in me. i brought my set of beliefs with me to UK and i did well too.
however i must admit that i have changed A LOT has a person after my overseas experience. i must say that i have become a much more vocal person. i really made use of the network i was exposed to and made many friends from all over the world. i learned many things from these friends. the most valuable skill i believe i took away from UK was independence. although the curriculum and quality of education is probably very similar to singapore. these soft skills (courage, independence) is something i feel i could have never gotten in singapore.

3. How did your injury occur, and how did it affect your passion for the sport?
my injury occurred in Jan 2012. this was probably the lowest point in my life. it wasn’t just a normal injury. it was a mini “stroke” of sorts. where i lost complete sensation in my hands legs and face at a period of time. it was actually a sudden onset. it grew gradually worse when i enlisted and thats where it got really bad! hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks. wen through about 5 MRIs. was put on steriods. it was a very difficult period as all my dreams were crushed. the doctor told me that i should never go back to competitive weightlifting anymore.

actually honestly speaking. in my mind i was like. screw it. ill prove the doctors wrong n get back to the peak of performance in my sport. i wanted to recreate the scene which i bet you’ve read many times in rugby or soccer players. “doctors said he could never play again but he defied all odds to come back to win the gold medal” i REALLY wanted that.

but when i went through the injury only one person was by my side all the way through. n that was my mother. n her one wish was for me not to go into competitive lifting anymore. i mean. when i saw my mother cry. your team mates may be with you. for a bit. only your family is with you all the way through. i couldnt bear to disobey my mother. so i decided to only lift recreationally thereafter.

4. Why the decision to stop weight lifting, and the drastic switch to business instead?
well like i mentioned above it was for my mother. however during my time of crisis, because of my family’s strong faith in christ i believed that everything happens for a reason and that if one door shut on me. another always opens. i picked up a few personal development books and started reading them. a lot of people read all these books but see little to no change in their lives. i read the books and i thought to myself. if this author did it i can do it too. the difference between myself and many others was that i took action. i went into business and i faced many set backs initailly but eventually i found that i was pretty good at it. another thing i really really believe is “Philippians 4:13” ‘i can do all things through christ who strengthens me’ i just have this strong belief that if i really want to do something im damn sure i can do it really well. no doubt. if my god is with me who can be against me.

5.What are your goals, and how far do you think you currently are now from reaching them?

my goals actually comes down to my WHYs. people always say they want to start business and make lotsa money. but they fail or they QUIT. due to this very simple reason. they never had a WHY. there never was any burning desire.

my why is very simple. i had to do a bit of soul searching but i realised that this is my WHY. i always had a passion for training people. from secondary 2 ever since i was 14. i loved training people in the gym. nothing gives me more satisfaction than when i help my friends go pass their PB. and when they first get their abs because of my training regimen. i just loved training others. now its come to the point in my life where i’ve helped many people earn extra income in 2012. n nothing beats the joy of seeing them rejoice when they make more money! i firmly believe in this one quote and this is one i LIVE BY! “you can get everything you want in life if you help enough others get what they want”.

this is my WHY. i really want to help many many others attain financial freedom. if i can do my best to change their lives then i will be more than fulfilled. i know i will attain financial freedom too.

i will never be satisfied if i achieve it myself. i wanna do it with many many other people too! join me in my journey! 🙂


6. Who, or what inspires you?

i have many inspirations. Robert kiyosaki who i believe through his series of rich dad poor dad books has impacted and changed MILLIONS of lives and will forever continue to do so.
if i can achieve success to his level that would just be amazing.

Donald trump for his kick ass attitude and thinking big. his attitude and thinking big really changed my thinking too

Richard Branson for being the craziest most fun entrepreneur ever in this world. there is no other businessman in the world who has as much fun as he does! read up on him. crazy madddd fellow.

my dad. my dad is a big boss in his profession and his charisma and influence always inspired me ever since i was a little boy. his men really respect him and he leads hundreds of them..  i wish i can be half the man he is. he is one who taught me that “defeat is only when you stop trying”. and he always told me that i should never be afraid to fail. closer to my heart. honestly. the way my parents brought me up is the key reason i have achieved what i have achieved so far in my life.

7. I see that you document your journey and progress as a businessman on a blog. Do share more about the blog’s purpose, and how do you intend to utilize the blog to fulfill its purpose.

  my blog is just something for me to look back on really. sometime in the future i can look back and read what has been going on in my life. its a marketing tool as well honestly. it generates a lot of traffic for me. blogs are powerful tools for business. i should be updating it more often really. but im too busy or rather lazy at times. i guess i should update more useful info which will value add to my readers. rmb!! BLOGS ARE POWERFUL TOOLS FOR YOUR BIZ! it has generated much revenue for me. it keeps my brain cells alive too. so yeah 😉
hope you guys enjoyed the read and my personal story and sharing!
resh 😀



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