My first investing Mentor

Here is a little story that I wanna share.

This is Dr Ooi. My first ever mentor in investing. He has a PHD in accounting and worked as an advisor to MNCs aiding them in making investment decisions. Now he’s a retired full time investor.

Yesterday I met him again at the National Achievers Congress!

How did I get to meet him? Many years ago. I attended the same event. I didn’t know anything to do with business or investing. But I was keen to learn and understand.

He sat beside me and I opened my mouth to talk and introduce myself. We got around to chatting and I was genuinely interested in what he did. (Networking tip: always be interested not interesting!)

We met up for coffee many times after where I would bring the newspaper. He’d show me the stocks list and explain what p/e ratio, p/b and all the other ratios meant.

I did everything he asked me to do. Which was to read some titles which he recommended. He even was the first one to teach me the cashflow game by rich dad

The rest as you would know is history. Every year thereafter I grew exponentially.

I’m very grateful to him for helping a Lil kid out so enthusiastically.

*hint: Mentors are not far away. You just have got to open your mouth and ask.

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dr ooi


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