Investing returns of 20k in 7 months!

rickyResh is a young chap filled with passion in whatever he does.  Once he sets his goal, he will achieve it. The positive winning spirit in him makes me look up to him. He is such a humble giver with a big heart.. Always willing to share and give whatever that is in him..

He always shares the correct mindset in investment and business with us. Needless to say he’s always there to give a listening ear and advise us in life too. He made me realize that there is a greater purpose to living in this world besides making money and being financially free. Not only has he changed my mindset in investing, he has also helped me profit immensely from the stock market. I have made investing profits of 20k in the 7 months that i have been coached by him.

It is always a blessing to give and to add value to people in whatever way we can. Having known Resh has made a great difference in my life..  Although he’s very young,  he has a stable and mature mind. Thank you so much Resh! I just want to be like you one day bro! To serve and give back to others.


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