I’ve got to Wake up!

Reality check!

This month I happened to meet a new business associate. He was a young entrepreneur at 21 years of age. When I sat down to talk with him I was very impressed. He started his company at the age of 17. He was a tech wizard. By the time he was 20 as of last year his companies were generating him a annual revenue of over $500k.  I was very shocked as I don’t know too many other entrepreneurs at my age who have made that level of income.

As I sat down after our meeting and reflected I realized one key problem which I have been struggling with. Well I am not exactly struggling with it. It just bothers me. After spending a few years in business I have reached a level of comfort.

I’m comfortable in the financial aspect of my life. After having bit the bullet for a few years and following the exact principles which my mentor taught me I’ve been able to achieve time and financial freedom. I don’t work for too many hours in a week and I do make a very decent income from my businesses.

Well herein lies the problem. It’s a very toxic thought which has been plaguing me. Whenever I get lazy or when I decide to not do anything at all I tell myself.  “Its okay Resh. You’re way above average. You’re making way more income than a professional graduate slogging in the office for 12 hours a day. You can definitely relax and just chill. You’re way ahead of the average”

To summarize the toxic thought in one sentence. It would be this. I compare myself to the average. I content myself with being above average. That’s just ridiculous and self defeating. I seriously have to get rid of this thought in my head.

After the meeting with my friend I realized one thing. I’m hardly generating half the revenue that he was. Well its very naïve and childish of me to be using income as a means of comparison. It is however a proper tangible comparison.


What I am trying to get across is that I’m definitely able to do so much more but I’m barely playing at MY 100% because of the toxic thought “I’m above average”. There is soooo much more that i have to learn and give to the world. I have so much potential which is yet untapped.


If you are facing the same situation as I am let me tell you something. STOP settling for average. If you are, find a new level of average. I realized I need to be hanging out with my fellow young entrepreneurs whose average income is half a million or more a year. That shall be my new average.


In the words of Eric Thomas “Be ALLERGIC to average!!!”

God bless,



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