A Man of God!

One of the things i am most grateful for is the people i have met along this journey. Jerlyn is one of the people who have been a real blessing in my life. Hear from her yourself.

“Resh had helped me immensely in understanding & identifying superior businesses. As such he has helped me to generate passive income continuously! I have benefited from his low-risk strategy to compound & grow my finances!
Beyond his age, Resh is amazingly knowledgeable from areas of business to reits to commodities etc.

A fantastic mentor & friend, he supported me in my times of need. As a friend, he sees the potential beyond me & believes in me. Times of trials sees the best in friends & I am glad to have his support, listening ear & prayers all these while.  Truly a man of God, he glorifies Jesus in all that he does & says.  Thank you Resh for being a salt & light to us students &  sharing ever so generously.Thank you and may God bless you richly!”


Jerlyn Wong
Senior Financial Consultant


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