Lessons from Eric Thomas

Today I want to journal and share some lessons I learned from one of the best motivational speakers in the world. I have been listening to Eric Thomas (ETTheHipHopPreacher) for many years now and he is the one speaker I listen to, to get me fired up!! So when I first heard that he was going to make an appearance in Australia I got my tickets booked right away!!


If you don’t know him. Watch this video will you?



I got platinum VIP tickets so I could get front row seats and a private session with Eric Thomas personally.


So before I go into the lessons I learned. I wanted to share a post I wrote on my Instagram account RIGHT AFTER coming back from Sydney.

This is what happens when I spend an entire week plugged into the top motivational speaker in the world live! Last night I stayed up way past midnight preparing for a talk I’m gonna be giving later in Singapore Expo. It’s a huge event so I made sure I prepped well. Time moved so quick and before I knew it, it was 5am. I wanted to tuck in and get a little snooze. But I swear. This black man (Eric Thomas) came into my head and started screaming at me. “Get up! You don’t cheat! You NEVER cheat on yourself!! You stick to your commitments. Reshveen you make NO excuses!!!” Dayummmnn.


I couldn’t take it anymore. So I got up and hit the gym at 5am with dad. Came home got changed and now I’m on the way to Singapore expo to speak in front of thousands of investors.
The next day I posted a video of me celebrating on IG. You can go view it. @super_resh


I beat my ALL TIME personal record in sales! It was Mad. I’ve never done that level of sales in such a short period of time in my life. Two days later I flew overseas for another talk and I did really well too!


Praise god! I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Ultimately though it was because I had huge momentum on my side. This is why I don’t mind investing thousands to travel overseas and learn from the BEST! The ROI is insane! I frigin LOVE learning and applying the knowledge the best in the world teach me.


There are SO many lessons I learned from the entire event. I’m going to give you 3 main lessons I learned and took away around the theme of ‘What does it really take to become a success?’


First I wanted to share with you about the organizer of the event, Glen Twiddle. He started off in very humble beginnings from Ipswich. Today he is a real estate coach. He also brings down some top name celebrities down to Australia for his seminars. Some names include Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Thomas and the list goes on. I don’t know if you know this, but bringing a person like Richard Branson down for your event would probably cost you a million dollars at least!


I remember he mentioned something along the lines of how he mortgaged his house and put in all he had to bring down Arnold to Australia a couple of years ago. He didn’t make a dime from the event itself. In fact he probably lost some money. But he did it anyway. The traction he gained though in terms of building a following paid him back many many fold. He became good friends with branson hanging out at necker island and also at Arnold’s house.


Imagine having these people on your speed dial! Wow. These people are literally living legends!! What did it take to get connected to these people when you’re a ‘nobody’? Big balls and a whole lot of belief in yourself! I learned this huge lesson from him. In the journey of every great entrepreneur there will come a point in their life where they would have to make the decision to go “all in”.


That’s what he had. He had an ‘all in’ mindset!!


There was another speaker who came on who was one of the top real estate agents in the country. He generates close to $5 million in commissions a year which is really pretty sick. I knew I had to learn something from him.


He shared a very amazing lesson! He moved his entire teams mindset from being sales centric to being customer centric. Whenever he had a client buys a new home through him. He had a limousine pick them the couple up when they move in to get them to a 5 star restaurant for a fantastic meal! Can you imagine that? Every time he collected a commission cheque from his client he would reinvest it back into the client to give them an amazing experience!


Every quarter he’d book an entire theatre to give all his clients a great movie experience. It included popcorn and drinks!! Wow! Can you imagine?? Right at the moment I wanted to buy a property through him!!


His customers became so loyal they didn’t bother looking for anybody else! A lot of the time even for myself, I tend to just focus on closing a sale then going on to find the next one. How I wish his teachings flood the marketplace! It makes sense doesn’t it. The more customer centric we become, the happier the client is. It becomes a lot more likely that the client would recommend your service and you’d make a lot more sales.


A huge thought he left me with is this : How can I create even more of a WOW experience for my clients?


Next up. The biggest lesson from ET!!!



The lesson from ET, which came as no surprise to me was.. EFFORT! Give EVERYTHING you got and put in the effort. This guy really isn’t a very smart dude. He took 12 years to get a degree. Finally after MANY years he got a PHD! All he did was he put in the work!

He started from literally nothing eating out of trashcans and now his rates for a 90 minute speech is $100 000. How did he get there? He is literally obsessed with his work changing lives around the world and he is crazy obsessed about outworking his competition.


IF Tony Robbins team gets to work at 8am. We’ll get to work at 6am. Like for real. Every single day he puts in the work. According to him he’s been at it for the past 11 years!


He said this “Lots of people want to be successful but they’re not willing to put in the work. I know what the grind is”.

‘The problem with most people is that they wanna be 120 but they’re only willing to work at 70%’


One of my huge dreams is to be a TOP international speaker. Everyone of you reading this might have different goals. But for me, hearing what it takes from a top international speaker himself was phenomenal. It was also a huge reality check.


I hope you found this post useful and inspirational. I hope I gave you some points to ponder over yourself!


God bless,


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