Lessons From Tony Robbins

2 days with Tony Robbins


Every year Success Resources brings down some of the world’s best speakers and business people to share and impart their knowledge with eager audiences. Over the past few years or so I’ve had the privilege of listening to Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic, Les Brown amongst many other speakers.


This year after 8 long years they managed to bring down Tony Robbins again! I was so excited. If you don’t already know Tony is by far the world’s Number one personal development coach and is worth over 500 million dollars. He has impacted millions of lives and has personally coached people like Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton.


I brought down tons of my friends as usual. There were 6000 people in attendance with people coming from all over Asia! The registration line was crazy long and I just knew there was so much I was going to learn and so many new friends I was about to meet.


The energy in the room was mind blowing. In this post I’d like to share 3 key lessons I took away from his seminar.


1) Have raving fans!

Tony shared one very important principle in building a business which struck me deeply. When you run a business you do not want a satisfied customer. Getting a satisfied customer is not the goal. You want to have RAVING fans of your product or service.
Apple has raving fans of their products. People stand in line and wait overnight when they have a new product launched. It is seen as “really cool” if you have the latest iPhone.


Similarly Tony Robbins shared that he built a 5 Billion dollar business not by advertising or marketing. He had raving fans. That raving fan you have will be worth so much more than any advertising dollar you can put into your business.

How do you get a raving fan? Find ways to do for your customer what nobody else can do! Add more value to your customer than anybody else in the world!


2) Your state is KING!


Throughout the 2 days Tony had the entire crowd screaming, shouting and dancing. Initially, I really felt it was ridiculous. But I realized that what he was doing was to manage the state of the crowd.


He was constantly having us in peak state rather than in a passive state. I learned that the most important thing is to learn to manage your state. To state an example every one of us knows the strategy to lose weight. Seriously. Even an overweight 120kg man can tell you the strategy to losing weight. It’s really simple actually. Stop putting so much food in that mouth.

The biggest obstacle would be the story many people tell themselves. “I’m just too busy at work. I don’t have healthy food choices at my work place. I just cannot get up early.”


The most important element to divorce the story would be to manage your state. Throughout the 2 days he constantly taught us to manage our state. Get in the right state and you will change your story and execute the strategy!

He mentioned this one line that blew me away. He said “there is no such thing as a bad audience, only an inflexible speaker who refuses to change his own state.” Learning to manage your state is SO important. Through out the 2 days he didn’t “expect’ the audience to react in a certain way. He made us all respond in the way that HE wanted.

3) The 6 Human needs

This is by far one of the most important lesson he teaches. It’ll take some time to explain. Let me try summarize it though. Basically every decision we make, every journey we decide to embark on is based on this 6 human needs. They are the human needs for certainty, variety, the need to love and be loved, for significance, growth and finally for contribution.

We all have this 6 needs. Every single one of us has these needs. We just place them in order of what we feel for the most. Understanding your own needs and the needs for the people around you helps you speak to people in a whole new way. Speak to who he IDENTIFIES with.  DO watch the video below to understand this in more detail.

I felt that the science behind it was so incredible. Tony has been in the business for over 30 years. In all his years he has not lost ONE suicide out of thousands who come to him. One of his earliest claims to fame was when he claimed that he could cure any “clinically depressed” patient. The psychologists thought he was a buffoon but he actually really did it!

These are just the 3 of the many lessons I learned and have taken down in my notes. He was absolutely fantastic but beyond just that the audience was filled with people from all walks of life and some were very established business people as well.

I had a lot of fun networking and the best part of it was when my head literally exploded with ideas to start working on immediately. All this just sprouted from like minded individuals discussing ideas in a fabulous setting! THIS is the reason why I love attending such events.

The next event I am really looking forward to is a ONE day event on the 29th November where ROBERT KIYOSAKI is coming down to Singapore again. I first heard him live in Singapore in 2012 and I love how he was so blunt with absolutely no BS. You really should listen and learn from him if you have not already read his books. Fill in your details HERE and I will help you get discounted tickets if you’re keen. I’ll definitely inform you of the price first. It’s less than $50 actually. Keep the dates locked and I’ll see you guys there!
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