Lessons from Mindvalley Founder – Vishen Lakhiani

Yesterday I got to witness a speech by quite possibly the most brilliant man I’ve ever heard in my life. What was even better was that this man wasn’t a white or black guy. I say this very frankly because unfortunately the Caucasians just do it so much better on stage than Asians.


Well yesterday Vishen Lakhiani proved me wrong. Not only is he Indian. He is from Malaysia! He is the founder of Mindvalley which is a learning experience company that publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more. He is also most famous for creating one of the world’s best work place. People from 38 different countries come to work for him in his head office in KL.

I highly recommend watching this video where he talked about how he created the company culture in an amazing keynote speech. You WILL be mind blown.

Well today I’m going to cover the main points in his first ever keynote in Singapore.
He is fiercely passionate about what he’s doing. So the entire speech had me literally sitting at the edge of my seat as he touched on issues such as global warming, how he HATES trump, values, missions and how he wants to change the world.


Here are the 6 points he mentioned that you must think about when setting a goal when building your business


1) How do you want to feel when getting up?


2) Do you love the people around you?


3) What is the mission of your company?


4) Is your business aligned with your own personal values?


5) Always build things aligned with your values and mission


6) Is your business Humanity + or Humanity -?
Are you really building something that your children and your grandchildren would benefit from?
Let me just dive a little deeper into some of Vishen’s core beliefs and values which he shared.

He mentioned that he really wished companies like Coca Cola should shrivel up and die! He hates the fact that these huge companies use their marketing dollars to push across a message that coca cola is happiness in a red can.

He felt that coca cola was one of the leading causes for diabetes in the world and people DIE as a result! Ultimately the point that he wanted to put across was this. We should be promoting businesses which push humanity forward. Every step we take should be Humanity + and not pushing the human race backward.


In another example where he showed how he really stuck to his core values. On his desk the crew actually had a bottle of water for him to drink if he got thirsty during his speech. He bluntly refused to consume the water from the bottle and actually asked the crew to pass him his starbucks cup. He went on to mention that he would never use a plastic bottle which is non bio degradable and pollute the earth.


‘This may seem like a small little plastic bottle and that it’s fine to just throw it away. But every little action we take is either going to affect my children’s children lives in a positive or seriously negative way’


Jeez. When he said that I realized this man just wasn’t your normal human being. Every opportunity he had to speak on stage was an opportunity to him to tell the hundreds and thousands of people in attendance to care for mother earth and to move humanity forward.


He also mentioned people who are at 4 different levels. Level 1; where people simply set goals from intention. (there’s nothing wrong with this)

i.e. “I want to make $X dollars” “I want to lose X kg”

At the highest level are people who surrender to themselves and realize that their mission is FAR greater than themselves. It is far greater than what they alone can achieve and it certainly will take longer than your own lifetime.
In addition to Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion he mentioned that Cialdini actually found one more and that was Unity.

Create Unity with your customers and staff with your values. Don’t expect everybody to agree with your values. Some people just won’t and that is perfectly fine. If you try to appeal to everybody you will end up with nobody. But the people who do feel united with your values will be fiercely loyal. They won’t leave you and will be very loud advocators of your cause.


He ended with how he wanted to move people from ego centrism (just thinking about self) to world centrism and finally to cosmo centrism. This is a place where we preserve the natural state of the universe. We acknowledge ourselves as ONE human race! Respect all life and as such we unify various religions and cultures.

A truly inspirational man with a huge global cause.



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