Millionaire CEOs and an INCREDIBLE MONTH!

Wow! Time really does fly huh? I had an incredible response from my last post regarding RDSS! Thank you guys so much for your support and for sharing this cause which I am fighting for. If you have yet to read it please do go ahead and read my last post!

Well. One month has flown by and yet again this month has been a hugeee blessing. As each month passes it just seems to get better and better. Let me fill you in on what has been happening. Every single month I attend personal development seminars to learn from business people who’ve achieved tremendous success in their lives. The past month I attended Les Brown’s “You’ve got to be HUNGRY” seminar. It was seriously a mind blowing experience. The energy and drive he brings to stage at 69 years of age was just breath taking. After listening to him speak, believe it or not my whole success blueprint shifted again.

I found a renewed hunger in me. Positive flows of energy rushed through me. If there was one thing which I took back home, it would be that I am worth MUCH more than I think I am! After attending the seminar I literally was able to remove the limitations I set on myself subconsciously.

The same month I had the opportunity to attend business mastery. It was an incredible seminar where CEOs of multi million dollar companies in singapore were invited to share their stories of how they build their companies. Among the speakers were Ken Chee, CEO of 8I group, Thomas Fernandez, CEO of Pestbusters and Neo Kah Kiat, CEO of NEO group.

Man, I learned so many things from these INCREDIBLE gentlemen. There was one thing which blew me away though. These CEOs had an aura around them which you could literally feel when they stepped on stage! The confidence and poise with which they graced the stage was just incredible. Their INSANE work ethic and their limitless PASSION for their work was something I really admired. These gentlemen had the uncanny ability to make the audience go silent as we grasped for every word they said.

All 3 CEOs were asked about how they differentiate themselves from their rivals. Their answers literally were hair raising. Thomas Fernandez, CEO of Pestbusters said “I CRUSH my competitors like I crush pests. Companies know that when they engage Pestbusters they have to pay a premium price. We charge a higher rate than every other pest control company and that’s because we are the best!” That  blew my mind. I’ve never heard CEOs going around saying that they were more expensive than everybody else. DAMN. The confidence and pride he had in his work was just amazing.

One thing is for sure. After business mastery I realized that these multi millionaires are really in a different league. Their mindset is on a whole other level. Nothing can possibly put them down. Such is the power of their positive mindset. One day I aspire to develop and grow to become such a CEO.

These seminars were not free of course. I pay money out of my own pocket to learn from these brilliant minds. Well, I’ve met many people who say they only go for free talks and that they don’t believe in paying to attend talks. I LAUGH at such IGNORANCE. Believe me when I say that the best investment in the world is in YOURSELF. By attending such seminars I invest in my own personal development. To me there is NO cost in attending. Only a MASSIVE Return On Investment! After les brown and business mastery my income through my business and investments increased by over 30% for Aug. That is more than a five figure pay check at 20 years of age. I only know there is more to come. I thank god for all the blessings he has given me and for the people he has put in my life.

Next month NICK VUJICIC is coming to Singapore on Sep 7! The man with no arms no legs. And YES you guessed right! Im gonna be there. FRONT ROW SEATS baby!!! You can bet every dollar that I will keep learning and growing.

Join me on this life changing journey too if you want to attend these seminars with me. Talk to me on facebook. (Reshveen Rajendran)

God bless,

Mr Thomas Fernandez, CEO Pestbusters
a HUGE inspiration to me.

the amazing LES BROWN!
You HAVE to check him out on Youtube

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