My experience at Enlightened warrior Training Camp!

Over the last week for 5 full days I spent time in T Harv Eker’s Enlightened Warrior Training camp. Im a huge believer in self development and every year I invest considerable amounts of money in my own personal development. This was a camp which I heard attracted people from around the world.


When I stepped into the venue in Malaysia I realized there were about 350 people in attendance. People really did come from all over the world. From Poland, Australia and even from Canada. Some people literally flew 22 hours to attend this camp.

This was meant to be an experiential training camp which would bring out the inner warrior in us. It was unlike any other training I’ve attended though. More than half the training and learning was set in the outdoors in the scorching sun and bellowing rain where we were one with nature growing and learning about ourselves and our team.

I was amazed though that people who came from this camp really came in all shapes and sizes. There was a 65 year old granny in my group who really couldn’t walk very well. There was also a Vietnamese chap who was in crutches. None of them were ‘excused’ though. They went through the exact same exercises that I did.


They trekked through the terrains just like me and braved the outdoor elements too. I must admit though that it personally wasn’t very physically challenging for me. My challenge though lied in pushing and encouraging my team mates along. I learned a very important lesson. It really wasn’t all about me. It was getting the team through the finish line. No man was to be left behind.

The exercises were great and I developed very strong bonds with my team mates. It really was a great learning experience working together with people who came from all around the world.


I learned plenty about the different cultures too. It was clear to see that the Asians who came from Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and these other developing nations were so pro active. They were so ready to answer questions and volunteer. They were hungry for success in their lives.

After the training ended at midnight every night I heard the Vietnamese all gathered in one person’s room to do a review of the information covered that day.

No offence meant. But their enthusiasm was through the roof. It was unmatchable as compared to the white folks and even the Singaporeans in the room.

It just reminds me of the saying. “The wolf climbing the hill is always hungrier than the wolf at the top.”  These people were hungry to improve their lives for themselves and for their country.


There was definitely much to learn from them.

Personally for me, the enlightened warrior camp really was a manifestation of God’s continuous presence in my life. I just want to share of one such experience.

Unbeknown to me as I made my way to the event site I bumped into an ex business partner of mine. The partnership ended off on a bad note two years ago and it was rough. We hadn’t spoken to each other in years and it was one of the toughest lessons I learned in business.

Well he was right there on the coach to Malaysia with me. I was shocked and to be honest a lil put off. I carried on the journey though. When the training began out of HUNDREDS of people we were put in the same group together!


I was baffled. I wanted to switch groups but it was settled. On the very next day in our first activities out of all the odds we were made to pair up with each other. We then completed probably the most brutal exercise together.

It was a lesson for me to forgive and move on. We worked together despite our differences and we did well. Finally by the end of the camp we had time to say our peace and moved on as well. I was very grateful for that.

My room mate was a fellow brother in Christ as well. Every night we recounted god’s goodness and his presence through out the camp. He was a great blessing to me. Overall it really was a good training and im so thankful to have expanded my circle of amazing friends.


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