My heart broke

Today I just feel writing my heart out and share about the last time I cried.


I don’t cry very often. I’m not the kind of person who tears at movies or emotional scenes.  In fact I’m a pretty hard nut to crack.


This happened sometime ago.

My mother decided to have a morning talk with me.  This was just before I was set to conduct an investment program.

Just to give you a brief background. I’m an entrepreneur and I decided not to take the path of a formal university education. I’m a huge proponent of education but I didn’t fancy taking the route of chasing a piece of paper for 4 years just because it’s deemed as a basic necessity by my society.


My mother seems to have a big problem with that.


Well, I’ve heard the lecture a thousand times but that day was different. It crushed my spirit.


So it went something like this.

“Its about time you get to school and get your degree. You think what you’re earning now is good? Please. You don’t know anything.”



I’ve heard this many times and I’m pretty okay with it. My mum has this idea that by getting a degree I would be earning a lot more money.


I have much admiration for entrepreneurs who fight to build their dreams, mortgage everything they own and live from hand to mouth for a few years to build their dream. Its very normal in such cases especially for their loved ones to have their patience tested.

Fortunately or unfortunately my situation is not as such. I don’t make millions. But i’m not a hobo who rots at home and does nothing either. I do make a decent 6 figure sum from my businesses annually.


So I just say “yes sure Amma. I’ll earn a lot more with a degree”

This was what she said next.

“Do you even think about your future? If what you’re doing stops, you have nothing. No degree nothing. You’ll have no qualification. Nobody will even give you a job”



Yes I do think about my future a lot. That’s why I save and invest for my future. And I’ve probably accumulated and grown more money than 99% of the peers my age. The skills I’ve learned through business and sales will probably also get me a job if I ever need one anywhere in the world. I’ve acquired business skills no school will ever teach you.

But! What do I know??

Then she said,

“We spent so much money to put you through education and look what happened now? I am ashamed to tell my friends what my son is doing. He is a trainer? It’s not even a decent profession”

That my friends, that broke my heart. I felt hot tears gushing down my face. I was mad. I was livid. I finally realized what it was that troubled her.

I guess I was not good enough for her friends? Maybe I didn’t fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or whatever so she could proudly show me off to her friends. I honestly don’t give a fuck about her friends.

One of the businesses I run is a fitness business. I train some of my friends and have many online coaching clients as well. I absolutely love doing that. I love that I can help change somebody’s life through exercise.

But I guess it didn’t matter to her. It was a “shameful” profession.

I lost my cool then. Oddly enough I was actually on my way to deliver a full weekend workshop to a classroom full of people who were eager to learn how to grow their money through stocks from me.


Okay. Hold up!

This is not a post from me ranting about my “hatred” for my mother. I love her to bits. I bet you my last dollar that she probably didn’t mean to break my heart with her words.

She probably said it because she loved me and wants the best for me.

This is just one of the struggles I face as an entrepreneur. It’s a very common saying that “if you want the success that most people don’t have, you must be willing to do the things that most people don’t do”

However the thing is.. when you start doing the things that most people don’t do. Society will scowl. They will say things like “why can’t you just be normal and get a job? Go get a degree. Why can’t you just eat like normal people. Why must you push yourself so hard in the gym everyday? Why must you diet?”

Its hard. It is very hard to keep going against the tide. But if you want to achieve what you envision you must keep going against the tide.

It is not uncommon for me to receive raving testimonials from my clients and friends on how I’ve helped them change their lives. But don’t be too surprised when the words that will hurt the most sometimes will come from the ones you love the most.

And to end off this post I just want to make a very important point. I hate how society deems whether you’re successful based on your profession, whether its ‘respectable’ or not and how much you earn.
Money is sure as hell very important but it definitely isn’t the determinant of your success.


Do what you love. Love what you do. Always be a blessing to the people around you and to the world.

You are god’s gift to the world and you can do incredible things. There may be naysayers but don’t let them stop you from achieving what you dream of.

God bless,


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