heyy guys!

its been such a long time since i last posted. i apologize to all my followers but before i go into even more
details into how ive been doing financially. i wanna share with you guys more about me!


i went a few events these past few months. well it shows the lighter side of me i guess! well in end sep i actually went to catch
BIGBANG LIVE in singapore!! it was a roof raising superbbbbb concert. one of the best i’ve been to i seriously enjoyed myself soo much. those boys they put in so much energy. as a fan i was already so tired but they seriously KILLED IT!

here are some pictures i wanna share with you guys. 🙂

WHOOOOO! There you go! frigin BEST CONCERT in 2012 for me!!

well other than the fabulous concert. i was also at T HARV EKER’s Millionaire Mind Intensive! the whole 3 day course was an incredible experience for me. i went through manyy UPS and downs during the 3 days.

i learned so many things which i cannot wait to share with you guys. one of the key lessons i took away from the 3 days is the fact that ALL of us have the ability to achieve our financial dreams! we all have some form of income but MANY people just have NOOO idea how to MANAGE their money! its sooo sad. but the key to building wealth lies in the ability to MANAGE our money! the money management principles are soo essential!

having implemented these strategies strictly and with a lot of discipline this past year ive managed to accumulate my wealth almost 10 times faster! I AM NOT KIDDING! anybody who wants to see is very welcome to look at my trading accounts! the very SECRET lies in money management. anybody who is interested can borrow the CD from me. I actually have a CD tape teaching the millionaire mind’s secret to money management!

other than that, the 3 days were very emotional. i laughed and CRIED throughout the whole learning journey. it was especially crazy when i made sooo many new friends who are just sooo positive and like minded. it was truly an experience to meet new people and expand my network.  here are some of the pictures i wanna share with you guys.
it was great to be able to bring my friends along and teach them how i make money. i hope they all learn from whatever i can teach them! thats my ultimate goal anyway! to be able to teach MY friends how to create and grow wealth for themselves.

OHH btw! look at the picture guys! theres a group photo of all my team mates! WE ALL BROKE ARROWS WITH OUR THROATS! FRIGIN AMAZING I TELL YOU!

alright then till next time. in my next post i am going to show you guys what ive been doing and all my multiple streams of passive income!


GOD bless you richly always


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