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Heyy guys!!

once again. its been a long time since i’ve updated the blog but its NOVEMBER! so i had to blog. This will officially be the 20130120_171121LAST month i serve as a national serviceman! woohooo!! come Nov 29 2013 i ORD and i’m finally a free man! i’m telling you.. MANY exciting things lie ahead for me and i am just getting started. i feel truly excited about the adventures i will be embarking upon and the many mountains i’m gonna bash down!!!

in this 2 years of  life and business i have grown tremendously as a person and as a businessman. i owe every ounce of success to the lord. He has always been my shield, my guiding light and my ever loving savior. In my written goals last year, i wrote that in everything i do i want to be a reflection’s of my gods magnificence.  even though i have my shortcomings i hope i’ve impacted the lives of the many people i’ve come across these past two years.

There are many people i have to thank for developing me as a person. There is one person though i’d like to give special mention to. He is my mentor. Ever since i started my journey i’ve firmly believed in the principle of modelling. look out for the person who has achieved the things you want to achieve and do whatever he does. and eventually you will get to where he/she is or better.

This man.. is simply incredible. he is first and foremost a true man of god. he gives his heart and soul to the lord. Other than being financially free, he has such a huge heart. He genuinely loves and cares for the people around him and he adds incredible value to the people who get to know him. if there was one word i would use. i’d say he is selfless. and even that is an understatement. i really do not mean to rave about my mentor but he is just simply an amazing person. i thank god for bringing this person into my life. he has been such a blessing to me. Through what he has taught me he has helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars! and through the gifts he has imparted to me i have blessed many people who have come across my path too.

his name is Sean Seah.

if you are reading this sean, i want to thank you for everything you have taught me through your books, videos, talks and our many conversations. you are truly a blessing to the world.

i will always strive to be as humble, loving and kind as him no matter what i’ve achieved in my life. He gave me the love and gift of investing through his book “Gone fishing with buffett”. It is an outstanding book and without doubt a national best seller. He gave me the chance to market his book recently and because of him i’ve managed to raise close to a thousand dollars in just one night for a society which is very close to my heart.

Thank you Sean!

Having a mentor is very important in your life. behind every successful person is a mentor. look for a great mentor who has morals and who has achieved what you want in your life as well.  These people are easier to reach than you might think. sometimes all you got to do is open your mouth and ASK! TAKE INITIATIVE! if you don’t ask they wont come to you.

find a mentor. to learn more about sean do check out his website.
may god bless you abundantly.

with much love,

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  1. Sudhan

    Hey Resh,

    I’m sure u can’t wait to ORD. I agree with your post about Sean. He’s so down-to-earth and gives from his heart. God bless!


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