My Three month Breakthrough!

What a journey it has been over the past 3 months. To say that I completely changed my lifestyle would be an understatement. It was completely revamped and I was set on pushing all boundaries on what my body could go through. I was determined to bring my physique to a whole new level by changing my entire diet and to bring my training up many notches.

Beyond just getting a killer body my purpose for doing this was to bring my mental game to a whole new level. Through experience I’ve come to notice one thing. Most people live their lives feeling comfortable. They go through the everyday motions feeling secure and comfortable. It comes to a point where they refuse to go through any form of pain mentally. Any form of work or effort which lasts some time becomes uncomfortable to them.

So they revert back to their ways which make them feel comfortable.

I decided that I wanted to step out of this cycle and go through some form of pain and to push through with rigorous dieting and exercise. I’ve never done this before in my life.


I got support from a friend who planned my nutrition meticulously every week. I had workout buddies with me at most workouts. The nutrition planning was a real pain. Every week on Monday I sat down and took a really long time to plan what exactly I could eat for the entire week. My friend who planned my nutrition for me who also happens to be a personal trainer is really the BEST in the business. He is absolutely amazing. My weight went down in a linear fashion over 12 weeks. I lost roughly 8kgs in that period very progressively. If you guys are interested in getting help in planning your diet from him and to hire his services do drop him an email at I highly recommend him and i only recommend the best to my readers.


My food was all to be cooked at home. If I went out I would have to carry my boxes of food with me. I weighed all my food and mostly boiled all my meat and vegetables without seasoning and such. I couldn’t really eat outside as I would have no clue as to what they would include in the ingredients. I was spot on like that.


Bringing my own food while going out with friends and family was at times very tough for me. It wasn’t easy watching friends have really nice food while I could only eat from my own Tupperware. Going to wedding dinners and seeing all the super tempting food was mentally very tough.


Well you got to understand that I love food and I have an especially sweet tooth. I love my desserts. But I stayed away from all that. Oh and yes! No Alcohol for 3 months too.  Yes it was tough for me but sometimes it frustrated my friends and family too. I couldn’t join family dinners and many times I sat and watched my girlfriend eat her food alone. So I’d like to apologize to my parents and also to my girlfriend for having to put up with my nonsense.  Thank you for understanding what I chose to put myself through.


Besides nutrition I developed a new habit which was to get off my bed at 5am to head to the gym or to do my cardio. Well if you know what I do, as an entrepreneur I get to wake up whenever I chose to. I usually don’t wake up so early as well. I chose to do that to instill discipline in me. In spite of how tired or lethargic I felt I still got up and did what I had to do.

Here’s an important lesson I learned. You cannot expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it. It comes with being consistent and persistent. I had to act in spite of my emotions. Success comes not from what do you some days. It comes as a result of what you do every single day. Simple as that. If I had to train that day I did it. If I had business meetings the entire day from morning till night regardless of how I felt I’d get that training in at midnight if I had to.


So many people have asked me where I find that drive to do all of that. Well I’d like to quote a bodybuilder I really respect.

“That drive. It comes from within. It’s that drive that says I want this so bad, Im going to do everything I can – all day, everyday – to get closer and closer to making my dream a reality. The secret is always part of us. It is in us all.


Anybody can have that drive. It’s not something you have to buy. It’s not somewhere you have to go. It’s not even something you have to do. It’s just something you have to bring out in yourself. You need to find that drive and grow that drive to push yourself through every workout and give yourself the discipline you need to eat right and sleep right and do all the things you need to do to grow day after day year after year.

The real secret is this. We all possess that secret thing that drives us on. We just need to find it in ourselves then develop the habits to use it successfully.”


To add on to that, if you are on a mission yourself this New Year to achieve a healthier fitter body or to get a six pack here’s one thing you must always remember. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. You have got to find that inner motivation. There will be times when nobody will be there to kick your butt but you! You will HAVE to face the grind alone. And when that moment comes what will you do? I didn’t have my mummy calling on me at 5am asking me to wake up to train. My girlfriend never stopped me from binging on whatever I wanted to eat. I remained committed to what I said I would do.  Find that inner motivation. The reality is that you have to do what you have to do alone.


Oh and I also wanted to share that when I decided to take on this challenge to push myself beyond my boundaries I didn’t just start seeing results in my physique. I started seeing it in all areas of my life. It was my best few months trading in the stock market. My business profits were at a record high. AND! Somehow this gorgeous woman said yes to being my lady! Coincidence?? Hahaha go figure!


I hope this post has inspired you to take action toward your own goals.
God bless,


3 months of hard ass work!

3 months of hard ass work!

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