When i first embarked on my business journey and when i started to educate people in the area of finance i always felt like i had a great calling toward the young people in our society. I always wanted to be a beacon of inspiration to the young people to achieve greatness in their lives!

As a very young person myself, i understand that the greatest asset that i have is my youth. Almost at every event, i would never fail to hear someone tell me “How i wish i started when i was your age!”. Well i sure am really glad i started off bright and young. For those who understand the power of compounding, you will know EXACTLY what i am talking about. And i am not just talking about the compounding of wealth. I am referring to the compounding of wealth, knowledge and experience!

If you are a young person reading this. my best advice would be for you to start learning to save, invest and grow your money now! if you are a slightly older person, i would say start NOW! Its really never too late. The best gift a parent could give their child is the gift of investing.

So its natural that my heart SINGS when i come across people my age who are as eager to learn about business and investing as i am! June is exactly the type of person i am referring to. At 17 years of age, she was just so eager to learn and get her hands dirty. She’s also a young entrepreneur with an amazing story.  I saw something in her which i hardly ever see in girls her age. She’s a brilliant girl with a hunger to always learn something new. I just know she is set for greatness if she just sticks the path! It was my greatest honor and privilege to have taught her.


Hear from her yourself.

“Resh has been a great inspirational figure to me. He has taught me so much more than just value investing.

He told us the importance of being consistent in the course, but most importantly, he has unknowingly proved to me the importance of consistency through his own actions. A living proof.

After the course, he didn’t leave me to face the market myself. Rather, he often drop us messages to motivate us. Also, i really like that i could text him anytime if we faced any difficulty. This isn’t just those hi-bye course that i have been to. It’s not those trainer-student relationship either. Recalling my first buy, he was actually more excited than i was myself.

Initially, i was a little intimidated by his achievement at such a young age. I was even afraid to ask questions. However, after knowing him better on a personal level, he is actually really approachable. He often says, ask and you might get a little more. Well, I have received sooo much more.

His passion for life truly amazes me!

June, 17
Catholic JC
Year 1

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