Nick Vujicic – A Man of God

This past weekend I finally got to meet the man himself, Nick Vujicic, the man with no arm no legs in Singapore at the Star Vista. I got tickets to meet him months ago and I’ve been waiting so eagerly to meet this man of god!

nick vuj


There were so many takeaways from the event. But there’s one thing I really admire. Putting living a limitless life aside, this great man was not afraid to share his love for the god of the bible. He is a Christian and proudly proclaims it aloud on stage. Without causing any racial or religious divide at all, he brings together people of all denominations. With his HUGE smile and presence he uplifts the spirits of toddlers and elderly just the same.

You know, ever since I started on my business journey. I’ve written in my goals that I want to be a testimony of my lord’s brilliance through my works. Nick exemplifies what I’ve written down in my goals. I realize that what we have on earth is temporal and what lies thereafter is eternal. And while I’m on this planet I really want to let god’s light shine through me to everybody who comes across my path. This is really what I yearn for.

Lemme share  3 things I’ve learned from Nick.

1) If you DON’T get a miracle, BE a miracle for somebody else.

right from the very start Nick spoke about how not everything is possible and we’ve got to accept that fact. From a very young age he prayed days and nights for god to give him limbs. He even kept shoes in his cupboard in case one day he grew legs!! His prayers never got answered. However, He came to accept the fact that he was born the way he is and then decided to become a miracle for MILLIONS around the world.

point learned from this. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Use what life throws at you and make the most of it! This leads me to point number 2

2) Obstacles = opportunity    Failure = education

Nick shared a brilliant quote from Thomas Edison. When asked how it felt to have failed a thousand times to invent the light bulb. He replied. “I didn’t fail a thousand times. I discovered 999 ways how NOT to invent a light bulb!”. That woke me up man! Sometimes I fail when initiating a business idea too. But then again I should always remind myself that failure equals to education. And That is what they DON’T teach in school!!!

When you hit humps and bumps in your life these obstacles which come are just the universe way of teaching you to become a bigger and better YOU! Think differently, think quickly. Use these obstacles to show the world that small problems ain’t gonna leave you on the ground. Nick never had arms or legs but that didn’t stop him from swimming, riding a horse, getting married and having a KID!!!


this was one point which really sinked in for me. Maybe it’s a thing about men. Or maybe its just an issue with me. 😛 but sometimes when faced with a problem I try to act like I should know the answer and solve it myself. Nick had this problem in his life. It came to a point where he felt like committing suicide as he felt like a complete burden to the people around him. Sometimes we gotta MAN up and realize that we DO NOT know everything! And that it is perfectly OKAY to ASK FOR HELP! This is what I keep re iterating to my students. Over and OVER again!! ASK ASK ASK! I see how people limit themselves everyday because they are just afraid to ask. For whatever reason it might be. “oh, he might be very busy”, “what am i? im nothing compared to him”, “It’s a very silly question”. Throw ALL that rubbish thoughts aside and just ask. As the bible says “ASK and you shall receive!” My dad told me this quote years ago when i was a small boy. He said. “A man who asks a stupid question is a fool for 5 minutes. A man who never asks any questions is a fool FOREVER”

Nick wouldn’t have been the man he is today if he didn’t ask for help. I’m here today urging you. YES YOU! The one reading this post today! If you are really searching for a break through in your life or if you want guidance or assistance to achieve whatever goal it might be. I would love to talk to you. Drop me an email at or contact me via facebook.


What’s your excuse now…. ASK! 😀

I love you all.

god bless,


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