POWERFUL lessons from the VIEW!

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Just last week I completed my National SERVICE!!!! Wooohooo! It has been an incredible 2 years where I have learned so many things through serving my nation. Well this post sadly will have nothing to do with that. Straight after I ORD-ed the first thing I did was to fly overseas. Well you can call it a holiday somewhat. But I actually flew to Thailand for a business seminar! It was an incredible, super powerful training by Marc Accetta. Just sooo soooo powerful. I met many friends from all over the world who flew down for the training. In this post I’d like to share some bits of what I learned from this truly transformational training. I’ll write 2 of the most important things I learned.


The learning lesson from this skit was to always take responsibility for what happens to your life. Have you ever had somebody crush your dreams? That kryptonite in your life who comes against you whenever you try to do something meaningful. Sometimes these kryptonites can be the people you love and cherish the most.

There was once this girl who LOVED to dance. She loved to dance for hours on hours and this girl (bless her soul) had a dream! Her dream was to spend the rest of her life dancing around the world. This girl was incredibly talented at dance. One day she got offered to go on tour with one of the BIGGEST known celebrities of her time. She was EXCITED! She was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED! She rushed home to tell her family of the FABULOUS news. But there lay her kryptonite, her dad.

With a face bubbling with joy she burst out the news to her family and her dad just sat there sniggering. He was laughing! And then he said “Quit dreaming! Stay in school and finish your studies. You will NEVER make it as a dancer! There is no future in dance!” Like a judge hitting his hammer, BAM! Her dad’s words were final. There she sat down the girl who just a minute ago was probably the happiest girl in the world. Her face, filled with tears. Her eyes welled up as her heart poured in sorrow. She never stepped into the dance studio again.

Many years passed and she became a very successful business person. All these years she never spoke again to her dad. But one fine day she decided to dance again. And boy did she dance! She danced away all the pent up frustration in her which was built up over those years. In hindsight, she said something that blew me away!

She said “Never EVER let anybody take away your dream! Never let ANYBODY steal or crush your dream. Even though my dad took away my dream, I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for it and that is because I LET HIM take away my dream.”

Wow! That one sentence just shook something in me. It taught me the very valuable lesson that I should take ownership to whatever I let happen to my life. Good or BAD!! If anybody takes away my dream, its only because I LET IT!

You must have heard this like a thousand times. Well so have I. However, over this past weekend this quote transcended to a whole new level for me.

There was once a dying man who lay on his bed. His son sat beside him keeping him company. He tried to be as cheerful as possible. So he asked “Dad, if you could live your life all over again who would you like to be? Would you like to be a famous pop star like MJ? Or would you like to be an ELECTRIFYING sportsman like Michael Jordan. Or would you like to be a revolutionary leader like Martin Luther King?”
His dad sat quietly pondering.  After a while he answered. “Son, if I could live my life all over again. I’d like to be me. With no fear.

That really got me thinking. What would I have done differently if I lived my life without fear. What would you do if Fear was not a factor? Maybe you would have plunged into a new business opportunity. Maybe you would have told your parents that you LOVE them very much. Maybe you would have asked your dearest friend to come to church with you? Maybe you would have left that stinking job to go travel! Or maybe you would have proposed to that girl of your dreams. I don’t know what you would have done.  Sit down and ponder over it for a while. Well i know that MY life would have been very different if I lived it with no fear!

Why live in fear? Why do we let our fear stop ourselves from achieving the AMAZING things we can do. WHY do we not let our OWN light shine for the world to see?! My Friends, if you’re reading this I urge you to do one thing.  That will be to never let FEAR stop you from achieving your wildest dreams. In true NIKE fashion, JUST DO IT!

Then again do not get me wrong. Fear is an emotion which will always exist in our lives. Nelson Mandela, a true hero who just passed away recently said this. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” My friends, never ever let fear stop you again from doing what you always wanted to do.

We only have one precious life to live. Live a MEMORABLE life. If there is just one thing i want to achieve. I would like the actions that i took in my life to be remembered for generations to come. I would like to be remembered. i want to leave a DENT on the universe!!!!
Now I’d like to share a BEAUTIFUL poem by Linda Ellis to sum up the entire point . I hope you grasp the true meaning of the poem. 

what matters most after all is the dash between those years. Go ahead. Go make a dent on the universe!

God bless,

p.s. here are some beautiful photos of the wonderful holiday cum seminar i just had in Pattaya!

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  1. Haren Mohanraj

    Dear Resh,
    I was faced with many challenges over the couple of weeks with my business and your blog has provided the answer for me to start fresh. Overcome your fears. Thank you for adding value bro love you!

    Cheers, Haren

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