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Hey guys


Just to keep you guys updated. As of May 2016 my company InvestingChamps Pte Ltd has officially been merged with Value Investing College.

The move was a strategic partnership as we saw that both our companies had strong synergy with a very strong community. Together we could grow a lot faster and better.


Value Investing College is one of the strongest brands and names for Investment education in Singapore. It presented my students a much bigger opportunity to join a much larger network of investors and benefit from even more opportunities.

It also presented me an opportunity to scale as a speaker. Today I speak internationally with Value Investing College (VIC). From henceforth I represent VIC in all my speaking related engagements.

So now that you know the official news.


I want to share a bit about my growth over the last few months.

I was looking through my photos today when i came across this photo of the very first bunch of guys i taught investing to. This was 3 years ago to a bunch of 8 guys many of whom are still my dear friends to this day.

Fast forward 3 years later in July 2016 and this was the last VIC investing bootcamp i did in South Africa no less. The largest group of students whom i’ve ever taught.


Yes this took some time. but it just reminded me of a lesson which i always hold very dear. Always be faithful in the small. There are things that we learn in the small to prepare us for God’s true purpose in our lives.

God doesn’t tell you the true purpose at first – He only gives you your small beginning. Never ever despise your small beginnings. They’re a stepping stone for god’s bigger plan for your life.


One of the easiest things in the world is to be faithful in the much, but never forget that Much exists because you are faithful in the smalls and have been taking care of the smalls.

Over the last few months I have been stretched beyond my own comfort zone like crazy. Thanks to VIC, from speaking to my Lil group of 20 – 30 people. I’ve been stretched to speak to 200 – 500 people. There definitely has been much change happening in my life.

Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives. Change keeps us from getting stuck in a rut.

I truly believe that to help keep us on the path to our destiny God will supernaturally open and close doors of opportunity. He will stir us out of our comfortable situations and STRETCH us because he loves us too much to allow us to live in mediocrity.


Learn to embrace change and move forward in the path he has prepared for you.

This is me speaking during Singapore Investment Week (SIW). I am officially the youngest speaker to grace the stage at SIW at 23 years old.


I’ve literally been stretched 10 times on a much bigger platform. I really feel afraid at times and sometimes I do feel the pressure to live up to my own expectations.


Thank god for the opportunities to grow though. I wrote down my vision when I was 18 years old on a piece of paper. That was to inspire change and transform lives of thousands around the world. Thank god I’m taking giant steps now toward that destiny.


I wrote all this to hopefully inspire you to take action and steps daily toward your own dreams as well. Always stay in motion and keep moving. You never know what will happen. Step into your greatness today.


God bless,


A.K.A. SixPackInvestor


if you’d like to hear me speak at one of my investing events in the future you can click on the link here.

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