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InvestingChamps LLC is a company i founded together with my partner CK Lye. We teach people how to evaluate and pick out great businesses to profit off them in the stock market. We employ value investing techniques together with technical analysis to identify great companies and to know when to enter the market.

Ever since i was a kid i was fascinated with businesses. I always wondered how some companies could grow so big without losing their essence. What was the difference between my favorite uncle’s chicken rice store in Ang Mo Kio as compared to Boon Tong Kee in Singapore which has 7 outlets! How could he replicate his special sauce so well across so many different stores. This innate curiosity in me has led me to read many books on how businesses run and how level 5 leaders take their businesses to a whole new level.

This knowledge is extremely powerful if you want to learn how to profit from the stock market. We teach our students to understand businesses fundamentally first. We are always on the hunt to understand the special sauce behind very successful businesses and how we can compound our money with them!

The next step, is to understand technical analysis. Charts are especially useful to understand current trends of a stock. CK Lye is the technical investing trainer. Having traded for 10 years in the markets, he brings a wealth of experience with him to the table. The power of understanding companies fundamentally and then knowing WHEN to enter the stock market through technical analysis is a VERY important  skill to have.

In InvestingChamps we advocate a very passive form of investing. We do not teach our students to stay up to look at numerous charts during market hours. Our main emphasis is to teach our students to INVEST and not speculate. By using minimal amount of time per month we teach our students to do their research and compound their money consistently.

It is a skill which has helped me grow my investment portfolio to a six figure sum by compounding my money by 3-5% returns per month consistently. It has also helped many of our graduates achieve much success in the markets. Click on the Testimonials tab to read some of them for yourself!! 😀

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