The Sweetest Joy

Heyy my dear beloved readers!

This post you’re reading its coming straight from my heart. It might be a lil emotional but hey perhaps it justifies how I am feeling right now. I just experienced a joy deep within my heart. So beautiful.

Well I had a very tough past week. On Wednesday (12th of June) I experienced the most terrible tummy ache. I went to my GP and it got escalated really quickly to the hospital where I got admitted. I was later diagnosed with appendicitis. And on Friday the doctors suggested that I proceed with the operation.

However I had a course to conduct that weekend and I had no heart to tell my participants that I couldn’t make it. On Saturday I got myself discharged and I made my way straight down to conduct my course. The two days was one of the best ever. I had so much fun teaching and learning from the guys. It was really funny though. it wasn’t as if my symptoms disappeared. But when i was sharing and teaching every fiber in my body was all well.

The day after the course ended suddenly it all hit me again and I came down with a terrible flu and continued tummy ache. On Tuesday I HAD to be admitted to proceed with the operation. And boy it was soooo painful. You have no idea guys! The stomach felt like it was about to burst to a million pieces. Every single movement after the op caused my tummy to explode. I remember spending the whole night in tears because of the pain. It was UNREAL!

I sit on my chair now composing this post slowly recovering. Reflecting back, wondering if I had any regrets with regards to postponing the OP.  I can say without a shadow of doubt that I was really glad I did it. The guys really gave me so much energy, so much drive and so much power. When I was up speaking, energy coursed through my veins like FIRE! 

I guess I have found it. I have found my purpose and passion. and that my friends was in the people I was speaking to. i found some refreshing energy when i got to add value teaching every one of them. Their smiles and gestures of gratitude when they learned something new from me really made my heart sing.

A friend once asked me. “Resh, may i know what is the anchoring purpose that keeps you wanting to do what you are doing everyday?”

I have found something i would love doing. even it was for no money at all. Everyday i commit to improving myself so i can continue adding value to whoever may come to my path in the future.

My prayer to each of you who is reading this post  is that in this mad race toward “financial freedom” bla bla. You find your purpose. Something which makes your heart sing. i am thankful i found mine at my age. i pray you do too. its truly a blessed feeling. It really is pretty hard to describe.

here are some pictures of the wondrous weekend i will never ever forget! i love you guys batch Jun 13′.


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