Unbelievable Start to the New year!

Kicked off the New Year pretty well I must say.

I wanna share a small story of mine.

Barely 2 years ago. I did some investment sharing sessions and barely 10 people came through the room. This would be out of the huge numbers that I would invite. The majority giving me some excuse or another for not turning up.

Two years later I host an investing event and the whole frigin event is sold out in MINUTES. This happens around the world. People have to GATECRASH and stand at the back to get a piece of what I’m sharing. Simply because tickets sell out too damn fast. The office has no more chairs to host everybody.

resh sharing VIC

But I share all this to tell you one thing. You HAVE to go through the grind. This doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re going through a drought. Nobody is showing up. You barely have customers lining up. PUSH through.

God will give you big things if you first can take care of the small.


Give with all your heart. Be a humble servant. The multitudes WILL come.

Boy. Oh you just WATCH me. I’m barely getting started. 🚀🔝💯

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