University student making GOOD money!!

thomasI would like to thank Reshveen for his openness in sharing his abundance of knowledge which has helped me improve my overall personal development. Through his 3 months of mentorship, I have learnt about the essence of financial freedom and abundance in life, which helped me visualise and take action on a path to achieve my goals.

┬áPrior to attending Reshveen’s InvestingChamps Program, I traded the SGX stock market which, after multiple ups and downs, returned me 22% over a year. Upon discovering InvestingChamps, I realised that there are easier ways to make money. The simple steps taught in the course allowed me to achieve significantly higher returns in the market by generating a monthly cashflow of profits, while minimising and possibly eliminating risk involved in investing. Not only have I managed to recover my course fees within a month, my portfolio has been compounding over the last 3 months. By simply following the steps, investing is made very rewarding yet safe. They are so simple that anyone, even those with absolutely no financial background, would be able to understand and apply.
In addition, Reshveen has recently began to teach me how to generate extra passive income through business. Through his sharing, I understood the concept of having a mindset of abundance which would help me attract more wealth and blessings into my life. He has been continuously adding value to my life.

Reshveen is a gifted businessman, entrepreneur and investor who is a gem to anyone who meets him. He has empowered me with the confidence to achieve great prosperity. I look forward to working with him to achieve more breakthroughs in the years ahead.

Thomas Wu
NTU Chemical Engineering Year 1 Student

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