Views from a Banker!

IMG-20131123-WA0003“Resh is an old wise man trapped in the body of a twenty something. He is able to understand concepts that others take a life-time to figure out. I was exceptionally impressed by him when he understood concepts that I learnt in my banking job. He is able to figure them out even without formal education in this area.

Resh is very serious with his work and takes the success of his students very personally. After attending his course, I did not take immediate action to start investing. Resh hand-held me through the setting up of trading account, funding it, and later sharing with me investment pointers and motivated me to do ‘homework’.

This is real dedication from a trainer to his students that you do not see very often. Resh is well on his way to be the next prominent figure in the Singapore financial scene. Watch out for him!”


Lionel Wee

SME banker

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