Watch me SOAR!

Its a brand new year. A brand new start!

2012 was absolutely brilliant for me. 2013 though.. oh boy. it is going to be SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay i am going to write this down here so you guys all will see.

My company will generate $100, 000 by end december 2013!

And many people have been requesting to know what i actually trade and to track it down from the start.


so just as my readers requested. i have started a brand new Options Xpress (OX) account. i have a starting capital of
SGD 10 000. every single month i will be posting what i traded exactly and my Returns on Investment. if you find my returns too good to be true.. then just look through my blog every month. on Jan 2 2013  i started my OX account with SGD 10 000. with compounding we will see what the 10 000 dollars eventually becomes. I AM EXCITED ALREADY! hahaha!

i want to be financially semi- retired come end 2013. we will see what awaits these coming months!

dear lord be with me.

and to all my doubters out there.. watch me soar!

god bless,


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