Your salary is a drug!

Everybody knows that drugs are bad for them. An overdose of marijuana, heroine or meth can potentially kill you and harm the people around you too. But today I just wanted to share about a drug which 90% of working adults consume.


Yep it may sound kinda weird but that’s your salary.


What is so bad about a salary?


Let me just share this quick story with you. 2 weeks ago I met a friend of mine. I haven’t seen him in years! To my surprise when I asked him how he was doing. He told me “Resh I’m doing terrible. I just lost my job. The future isn’t looking very bright and its just been a horrible start to the new year”

I could clearly see fear in his eyes. He was worried sick. He was very fidgety and uneasy. He had two young children at home and the bills he had to pay were over bearing.


He was in his late thirties and he wasn’t very well educated. His highest qualification was a diploma. He was commanding a salary of only about 3.5k after working for his previous company for many years.


He applied for many interviews where he got rejected. And he was getting to the point where he was willing to take a big pay cut just to have some income coming in. And to think that he wasn’t commanding a huge pay check in the first place.


Pardon me for making this comparison.


But it really seemed like he was facing withdrawal symptoms after not having his drugs for a long time.


It was so scary.


It really sparked a light bulb in me which prompted me to write this piece.


The scary thing about being addicted is that you don’t know that you’re addicted till you get off it.

Same goes for a salary.


These are just some signs that you’re addicted to your salary.


1)      You keep looking forward to pay day

2)      You are always thinking about when you’ll get your next promotion or raise

3)      You constantly worry about not having enough to pay for certain expenses

If you’re addicted to a paycheck it is seriously time you GET OFF it! You will never become wealthy or rich if you have the “I need a pay check” mentality.


Hold on now. Don’t get me mistaken. I’ve never said you have to quit your job now. But my serious advice would be this. Start something on your own! Have an income stream that doesn’t depend on a boss who can choose to axe you anytime.


Explore making an income through investing for instance. I absolutely love making money through stock investing because I am in absolute control of my own portfolio. There is no need to get out of your house to do ‘sales’ and there is absolutely no need for you to quit your job. There is no need to spend hours upon hours mastering the craft as well.


It is simple and if you truly have the passion for it you definitely can succeed. I’ve had the absolute honor of getting to speak on the Singapore Investment Week Stage in May. If you’d like to come along and learn a new skill then just fill in your details on this link and I will be more than happy to send you some details.

In case you missed it you can click right here.


Much love,

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